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New customers privileges





 48 hours flash sale

(Ends at the latest: June 26th, 2024. Extended 48 hours)  




* New customers quality-testing codes: 

TEST60 (New customers only) 

(1) "TEST60" is a 60% off code, can be used for any suit(s) order. 

(2) With this code, every single custom suit starts at $99. 


TEST70 (New customers only)

(1) "TEST70" is a 70% off code, can be used for any order >=$499. 

(2) With this code, custom suits start at $75. 


TEST80(New customers only)

(1) "TEST80" is a 80% off code, can be used for any order >=$699. 

(2) With this code, custom suits start at $50.




* Returning customers discount code: 

SITE40 (40% off) 



* About your measurements:

This is a short-period promotion. If you don't have time to take your measurements, you can place your order first, take and save your measurements in your account later (whenever you have time. We will simply start the making process when we receive your measurements). For example, if you place an order on January 10th, and save your measurements on January 15th, we will simply start the making around January 16th.  



* NCG Tailor Account Restrictions: 

At NCG Tailor, we strive to maintain a friendly and mutually beneficial relationship with our customers. However, there are certain situations where we must disable a customer's account to uphold our standards and protect our business. The following actions will result in account suspension:


(1) Cancelling an order while it is still in progress.

(2) Insulting or threatening our commercial team.

(3) Attempting to create a new account after a previous account has been disabled.

(4) Creating a new account to exploit special discounts meant for new customers, despite being an existing customer.


It is important to note that NCG Tailor is no longer driven primarily by internet sales. Approximately 85% of our sales come from our loyal customers and their referrals and our growth is fueled by a strong network of satisfied customers who recommend us to people they know personally, such as relatives, colleagues, friends, etc.. This powerful word-of-mouth network ensures our continued success and sustainability.


These four points above represent a clear "line" for us. Above this line, everything is negotiable. We are committed to being polite and responsive, doing our best to ensure you have a pleasant purchasing experience. If you are not satisfied with our quality, we will guide you through our 365-day unconditional refund policy, and more.


However, crossing this line will result in the permanent disabling of any NCG Tailor account.


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