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Understand the true nature of online tailoring


the nature of online tailoring



Your understanding of the nature of “online tailoring”, is of paramount importance.

If you do understand this article, you will very probably become a happy and long-term customer with us;

if after reading this, you feel like, “What are you talking about?”, you will probably not become our customer.



The most common misunderstanding

We all have our busy lives and the decision of “buying a suit” might be just a very small one; We don’t have a lot of time to collect information, to investigate. But the lack of information may lead you to a big misunderstanding: you might think an online tailoring store is just like your local tailor shop, just maybe less good quality, but much cheaper, worth a try.

After spending 14 years in this business, I, myself, have worked with so many tailors, and communicated with so many customers, noticed that this misunderstanding persist, so stubbornly, among almost 90% of our new customers.

The most obvious reason that online tailoring is much cheaper, is that the garments are made in countries where the labor costs are much cheaper. That is correct. But that’s not the only reason.

Have you ever wonder why, nowadays, with so many online tailors, the local tailoring business is still there? Why people still buy from them?

Besides the fabrics and making quality, the right fit is the key.



With a local tailor, your business relationship is strict “customer-seller”


You pay, the tailor will take care of everything, and he or she should take responsibilities if something goes wrong. You, as a customer, have zero responsibility.

But online, in most cases, the measurements are provided by yourself. This changes everything. What do the measurements mean to a tailor? They are the only foundation that he or she can work on. If some, even one measurement goes wrong? Something will go wrong with the finished suit. In this case, who to blame? Not to mention that it might be too late to blame anyone because what’s made is made.

If you are lucky, spend 40$ on alterations and problem solved, that’s the case like chest or stomach area a little big or small, sleeves a little too long;

if you are not lucy, like sleeves 2 inches too short, which tailor can make them 2 inches longer without changing the proper form of sleeves? Your money spent on this jacket is totally wasted.



With an online tailor, your relationship is not strict “customer-seller” anymore; there is cooperation in it.


More specifically, not just cooperation, you are playing the role of “providing the fundamental information”.

In order to make a good suit, the measurements have to be 100% correct. Unfortunately, no matter how you may feel confident with your measurements taken, the possibility of errors persists. Our tailors can guess if some numbers are reasonable or not (compared to your height or weight), but there is no way that we can know for sure if they are in fact correct or not.



Why this “free testing suit” concept

When we started our very first business in Europe 14 years ago, we did not have this concept. Like anyone else, we put all our hopes on our first making. We did have some happy customers, for them, one making was actually good enough; but we also had a lot of unhappy customers.

At first, we tried to explain: that’s the problem of your measurements. As you can imagine, this kind of explanation never worked. After all, what’s made is made. For some customers: Money wasted, end of story.

“Are we bad? Are we not professional?” We started to ask ourselves. No, we had pretty good tailors. So where is the problem?

The problem is not from our customers: we can not expect our customers to be professional tailors and to provide very accurate numbers each time.

The problem is not from our tailors either: because they are actually very qualified and experienced.

The problem comes from the procedure. A tailor simply can not work well based on not so reliable information and expect a satisfactory result each time.

So we invented this concept; we added a layer between “your payment” and “your product”, some kind of buffer if you like. If errors are meant to happen, let them happen on this layer, let this testing garment have errors, then we correct them on your real order.


If we only have enough water to fill half of a cup, don’t be disappointed; because that means we only need to pour the other half next time.


One step at a time. Jumping directly from the starting point to the finishing point only works with your experienced local tailors, not with any online sellers, including us.


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