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FAQ & NCG Tailor's point of view


Shipping policy


Making and Delivery time



For less than 4 suits: In most cases, shipment in less than 4 weeks. If some alterations needed, we add 2 weeks maximum. (Exception *)

For more than 4 suits: we need more time. In general, add 1 week per suit.  (Exception *)

Note: We need both your payment and your measurements (or size) to start the making. 


* Exception:

If the following, we might need more time: 

(1) 1st May to 7th May: 7 days vacation. So please add 1 week.

(2) 1st October to 7th October: 7 days vacation. So please add 1 week. 

(3) Usually between 20th January and 10th February: Chinese Spring festival (about 2 to 3 weeks of vacation). So please add 2 to 3 weeks,

(4) If your order finished did not pass the final quality control and major alterations are needed: we might need more time to do the alterations.  



About 2 to 4 working days ( on average 3 working days).



Shipping Fee and Shipping methods

All our products are Free-Shipping for 4 courtiers below: 

Australia / Canada / New Zealand / USA. 

For the moment, we only ship to these 4 countries, we don't ship to any country in Europe, Africa or Asia.

 We only use the following Express delivery services: TNT/DHL/FedEx/UPS.


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