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Project testing testing 40 percent off


project testing-ncgtailor-40 percent off



What is this?


This is a project called “Testing-Testing”. If you are a new customer, get 40% OFF on your first order.

For example: our regular suits prices are >=$249. With this discount, >=$149.

All our garments are custom tailored according to your measurements (or standard size you selected in your account once signed up) and your order details. We have zero stocks. 


How does this work?


It is very simple: place your order, in your shopping cart, enter this promotion code “TESTNT” (40% OFF). And that’s it.

Please note: If a fabric is marked as "clearance", you can not use this code. 


Who can use this promotion code?


Only for new customers.
Can be used for: your first custom suit order from us.


What about “alterations, remake, and refund”?


  • Always 365 days unconditional return. No questions will be asked.
  • Alteration reimbursement: if you use this promotion code, there will be no refund for alterations.
  • Remake: If you want to pick our remake option ($59, and $29 for newsletters subscribers): you need to add this 40% to the remaking fee.


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