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Project Mutual trust 149

 Project mutual-trust-NCG Tailor




Project details:


If you are a new customer, and if you want, for your first custom suit order, we will modify your first payment to $149, regardless of its original price. You can pay the rest when you receive your order.




Your order’s total price is $249. You only need to pay $149 for the first time; and for the $100 remaining, you can decide when you receive it.

Here are 4 possible options:

(A) If you are not satisfied, you can return the package to us and we will refund you this $149.

(B) If you are satisfied and you want to alter it by yourself, you only need to pay us “$100 - the reimbursement for alterations”.

(C) If you are satisfied and you want to pick the remake option, then you need to pay us “$100 + suit remake fee which is $29 for newsletters subscribers”.

(D) If the suit you received is perfectly fine and you don’t need alteration or remake, you only need to pay us the rest, which is “$100”.


This is a project based on mutual trust.




1. This project is only valid for your first custom suit order.

2. Save your order in your personal account, don’t pay immediately, send us an email (to sales@ncgtailor.com) .

3. We will modify the price to $149 in less than 48 hours. 



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