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Photos - Fresh out of making

Right after the making is complete, before dry cleaning.

You might be able to find yours (if you just purchased one from us recently.) 

We will update this page from time to time. 




PIN ON TOP - Extra services:


About extra services (that you can't pick directly on our website):  

1. Side tabs (instead of belt loops): 8$ extra.

2. Suspender buttons: $5 extra.

3. Crotch reinforcement (with cotton cloth): $8 extra. 

4. Half-lined jacket: $25 extra (it is about lining, not about canvas. All our suits are half-canvassed, all our suits are by default fully-lined)

5. Anti-slip band (inside the pants waist): $8 extra

6. Double breasted vest (or vest with collar): $15 extra.

7. Special color for the lapel buttonhole: 5$ extra. 

8. Special color for the last sleeve buttonhole: 5$ extra (last buttonhole=the one closest to the cuff). 

9. Double height waist band: $15 extra. 

10. Specify your own lapel width / pants bottom width / Cuff height: 5$ extra for each. 

For payment of these extras: You can place your order first. For extras you are interested, you can send us by email to sales@ncgtailor.com ; we will (later) set up a custom order in your account so that you can pay them). 





 2023-12-20 update:


 2023-07-08 update:


 2023-03-29 update:


Your package ready to ship, will be like this :):):):)



2023-02-18 update:




2022-11-18 update:


With the permission of Mr. Gregory, we are publishing his 3 photos here. 

We make half-canvas suits (and ONLY make half-canvas suits).

We try to keep the price very competitive, but please don't compare our making to those fused suits.

If you are looking for extremely low prices, NCG Tailor might not be your place.  There are a lot of fused / off-the-racks sellers online, you can buy from them.







2022-07-28 update: 













2022-03-15 update:


Special request from a customer...


Special requests: Side tabs



Green lining jacket


Special request: Vests with notch collar


Royal blue blazer with black buttons



Special request


Spare buttons: We put them in the inner chest pocket (every suit you buy from us has them) 






 2022-03-03 update:


With permission of this customer, we put his photos here on the website. 








2022-01-04 update:


Ready to ship...



Brown winter suit (fabric relatively thick)


Light gray 2-piece suit with dark color lining


Medium gray winter suit 


Peak collar + 1 sleeves buttons. Very big size. 



Light gray plaid


2 different color stripes


Very very big size suit... Custom made...





Just waistcoat and pants... No jacket...




2021-11-19 update:

Blue stripes light weight summer suit - shawl collar 


Welt pocket on suit jacket


colorful lining choices - ncgtailor


blue and black stripes


medium gray plaid suit - three piece - with a vest


brown stripes winter suit


light gray striped summer suit - plus size


jacket pocket details


light gray squared lining


ncg tailor collection suits for men




2021-11-11 update:


Dark gray plaid suit 3 pieces

Dark gray plaid suit 3 pieces




Light gray 3-piece suit

Light gray 3-piece suit



 2021-11-03 update:


Medium gray suit with pretty red lining

medium gray suit with pretty red lining


4 pair of pants. For 1 customer. 

4 pair of custom made pants


4 shirts (for shirt orders, please see here)

custom tailored shirts - ncgtailor


Rusty red plaid

rusty red plaid


Black striped suit

black striped suit





2021-10-14 update:


Rusty red squared - wool fabric - custom jacket with stitching - tone on tone lining

rusty red squares


Closer look of the fabric

closer look of the fabric


functional buttonholes - tone on tone color buttons

functional buttonholes - tone on tone color buttons


custom jacket - sleeve - closer look


Medium gray solid color suit - tone on tone lining color

Medium gray solid suit



2 buttons sleeves

2 buttons sleeves


Small size suit. Chest 90cm (=35.5 inches). 

Small size suit


Blue plaid blazer - colorful lining

Blue plaid suit


jacket sleeves - 3 buttons

jacket sleeves - 3 buttons









2021-10-07 update: 


Special request by a customer: double stitching. 

double stitching - special request - suit collar stitching



Difficult to tell just by this photo, but it is actually a pretty small size suit. Double breasted + peak lapel + medium gray stripes + Matching color lining

small size suit - petite size - custom made according to customer's measurements


Sleeves - 4 buttons - regular style

regular sleeves buttons - 4 buttons


Extra pocket - ticket pocket

extra pocket - ticket pocket


Inner pockets - left side (heart side) . There is an extra pocket at the bottom of jacket. 

jacket inner pocket - left side


Jacket - inner pocket - right side

inner pocket - right size


Pants front pockets - round style (picked by customer himself)

pants front pockets - round style


Pants with cuffs. You can choose with or without cuffs directly on our webite. 

pants cuffs


Front rise - zipper 

pants zip


Colorful lining choice

colorful lining for tailoring service




 2021-10-03 update: 

This customer really knows how to pick his linings. Got to give him that. We don't even know that dark blue stripes with red lining could be this harmonious. 

dark blue striped suits with red lining



Suit jacket sleeves: functional buttonholes

functional buttonholes - suit jacket sleeves


Looking good?


This customer asked for: No belt loops + Side tabs + Suspender buttons. Even though these are the specifications that you can not personalize directly on our website, you can always contact us by email to ask. 

Extra: 5$ for side tabs / pair of pants; $5 for suspender buttons / pair of pants. 

Side tabs - custom pants - ncgtailor

suspender buttons




 2021-09-28 update: 

last batch for today. FedEx will come to take them tomorrow. 

ncg tailor shipping by fedex


Plus size suit. Chest about 82*2=164cm (=about 64 inches); pants waist about 83*2=166cm (=about 65 inches). The good thing about custom made is that we really don't care about size. 

plus size suit - custom made - ncgtailor

big size tailor made suit


 2021-09-27 update: 


Packages ready to ship. Each package includes: 

(1) Commercial invoice; 

(2) Packing list; 

(3) FedEx bar codes; 

(4) customs declaration papers. 

 custom suits -ready to ship - ncgtailor




2021-09-26 update: 


Wedding order. 9 white shirts for 9 groomsmen. Custom made for each groomsman. From a very kind family!!!

Custom shirts are not available on our website for the moment, for those who are interested, you can contact us by email to sales@ncgtailor.com  

Custom shirts - white - ncgtailor



Petite size suit. Dark blue 100% wool fabric. With brown flower lining. Single breasted + peak lapel. 

Petite size suit


custom made for a small size customer - dark blue suit




Plus size suit. Light gray plaid. With gray rose color lining. Double breasted jacket.  

light gray plaid suit


inner chest pocket


Ticket pocket on jacket


pen pocket


little details suggest that it is custom made


peak lapel


inside the pants - details




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