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Payment Guide


Payment Guide





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Enter your delivery address. You can "just save your order now, pay later" on this page if you like. 






Step 3:

Your billing information. Make sure the Cardholder name you enter matches exactly the name on your credit card. 




 Step 4:

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For USA: There will be no taxes at all.

"Packages whose declared value is under $800 will generally be cleared without any additional paperwork prepared by CBP". For more information, you can check out the US Custom and border protection official website here:




Package value declaration (for all countries):

Your package value declared = your total amount paid to us – the shipping fee.

Note: Even though when you place an order it is free shipping for you, it does not mean we don’t need to pay for shipping. It is just your total price paid includes already that shipping fee. When we declare the value of your package, we have to separate the value of your garments and their shipping fee. It’s the law.


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