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Newsletter subscribers exclusive offers


Once a week, NCG Tailor sends special offers to its newsletter subscribers, including promotion codes, big sales, and crazy prices. 



For this week:

Suit remake option $29 in stead of $59!


suit remake option $29 in stead of $59 


Promotion Description

1. For new customer: Suite remake option $29 in stead of $59. 

2. If you are already customer: Buy a suit, get a free waistcoat or a pair of pants (same fabric).

3. Newsletters subscribers only



NCG Tailor's statement
"Maybe crazy price, but never cheap quality"

• When it comes to quality, NCG Tailor is serious. We are fully aware that if our quality cannot make you happy, you will stop coming to us; plus, you will tell other people that we make cheap quality stuff. That is a dead end for us, and we will never do that.

• This offer is for our newsletter subscribers only. 


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