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New customers quality testing coupons





* Important: 

We reserve our right to end this promotion anytime, without further notice.  


* Site-wide discount code: 


"SITE30" is a 30% off code, can be used for any order, by any customer (no minimum order amount required).  

This code is recommended for:

(1) Returning customers. 

(2) New customers who choose to trust us and don't use the below "NEWNEW" code. 



* New customers half payment upon satisfaction code: 


(1) If you are a new customer, for any suit(s) order, you can use this "NEWNEW" code to pay only half up front (on top of our site-wide 30% off).  

(2) The remaining half can be paid in less than 3 days upon delivery. If not satisfied, simply don't pay

(3) With this code, the upfront payment for a suit starts at $99.  

(4) "Paying or not paying the remaining 50%" is your decision and your decision only, we won't ask why



* To all new customers:

(1) If you pay $100, please expect $200 to $300 quality; 

(2) If you pay $200, please expect $400 to $600 quality. 

Do you know why we have different system for new and returning custumers now? Because last year (2023), our returning customers crushed our making capacity. New customers may buy 1, 2, 3 suits, but our returning customers are buying 5, 10, or even 15 each year. 

Without trust, there is nothing.

"Half payment upon satisfaction" means we try to give the bargaining power back to each new customer so that you can stay in control.



* New "What if we are late for delivery" policy: 

(1) This policy is valid for any order placed after March 3rd, 2024. 

(2) If we are late for delivery, we will refund you the whole payment & still ship out your package. 



* About your measurements:

This is a short-period promotion. If you don't have time to take your measurements, you can place your order first, take and save your measurements in your account later (whenever you have time. We will simply start the making process when we receive your measurements). For example, if you place an order on January 10th, and save your measurements on January 15th, we will simply start the making around January 16th.  




* About NCG Tailor account suspension:

Any order cancellation while we are still working on the order (if this order is still within the making timeframe) can result in the total suspension of a customer's NCG Tailor account. 

The suspension will always be permanent (no exception). And he can no longer order from NCG Tailor, ever again. 

Cherish the NCG Tailor account. Without NCG Tailor, a customer will go back to "Pay twice yet get a worse result somewhere else". 



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