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NCG concept protects your measurements and fit









What is "suit remake $59 or $29"?  

When you receive your first suit ordered from us, try it, tell us anything you want to modify, then you can ask us to make another one with your new measurements, for $59 (and only $29 for newsletters subscribers). 

No matter what happens to your first suit (100% perfect, minor modifications needed, or big changes needed, etc), you can always ask us to make a second. 

You can even pick a different fabric (with a similar price), Totally up to you.

With this “remake option”, you can leave all your worries behind, because everything you want to modify, after trying your first suit received, you can modify them on this second (remade) suit.



What is NCG?

NCG stands for “New customer guarantee”. When you receive your first order from us, we offer 3 options:

Option 1: Alter it by your local tailor. We will reimburse you the alterations fee (up to a certain amount).

Option 2: Ask us to remake another one for you, with your new measurements (for a small remake fee).

Option 3: Return us the package and get your refund (in less than a year =  365 days unconditional return).


Why NCG?

Being in this custom made clothing online business for more than 10 years now.

Let us tell you a truth:

Don’t think you have chosen a beautiful website and you have verified multiple times your measurements, that you will receive a perfectly fitted suit, especially for the first time.

Please don’t.

Ten years’ of experiences told us, that buying a custom suit or jacket online, getting the perfect fit done, can be very difficult, even impossible for the first time. That’s why NCG offers the whole package to cover all possible situations.


Alteration reimbursementsuit alteration chart


remake fee




More Qs&As: 


Q: If I buy a suit, and ask you to remake another one. If after the second one I am still not happy, can I have all my money back?

A: Yes. Just return us these 2 suits, and we will refund (2 payments you made to us). No question will be asked. 


Q: If I buy a suit, and ask you to remake another one. Should I return the first one to you? 

A: No, you keep the first one, don't need to return it to us.


Q: Can I choose the “alteration option” AND the “remake option”?

A: No, sorry, you have to pick one option.


Q: I am already your customer, what option do I have?

A: You can always pick the “alteration reimbursement option” or the “return option”. But the “remake option” is only available for new customers.


Q: I am a new customer, can I buy, for example, 3 suits at the same time? And if I want you to remake them, can I pay $59 * 3 = $177 for you to remake other 3?

A: Sorry, a new customer is limited to use the “remake” option only once, not 3 times. The main objective of this “remake” option is to make sure the suit, jacket, waistcoat or the pair of pants will fit you perfectly, and it is absolutely not for selling you something extremely cheap.


Q: What should I provide in order to use the “Alteration reimbursement” option?

A: Send us by email the photo of your alteration invoice, which should include at least: the date, your name, total sum of alterations, the tailor’s stamp.


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