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NCG concept protects your measurements and fit











We understand that the best scenario is “cheapest price possible + perfect fit guarantee without any testing or trying”. However, we really can’t help you if you don’t change this way of thinking. Think more like a scientist who works, less like a customer who pays, and let us test everything first, together. Only with testing, a good result can truly be guaranteed.

                                                                                                 - NCG Tailor




If you can send us a well-fitted suit and let our tailors take its measurements, you don’t need to read this article. If you can’t, we strongly advise you read this.


What is a "Free testing suit"?  

When you place a suit order on our website for the first time (regular prices, without discount or other promotions), instead of making directly your real order, we will make (according to your measurements) and send you a free testing suit first. You try it, find anything you want to modify and tell us; and only after that, we will start making your real order. 

The logic behind this concept:

1. We choose to not trust your body measurements (even if they might be 100% correct). They are correct or not, not important, because we only use them to make a test garment.

2. When you receive and try this test suit, we will be able to find out together, which parts are perfect, and which parts need alterations. Based on this, we can say, the perfect fit of your real order is truly guaranteed.


Same idea for our jackets / pants / waistcoats. 


This measurements verification tool can only be used once (only if you are a new customer). 


Maybe you have never ordered one single custom garment online, and you just assume that if you take your measurements carefully, a perfect fit should be automatically guaranteed;

Maybe you have already tried some and already got your heart broken.

Anyway, you should give us a try. This concept is designed to make you happy; plus, we offer 365 days unconditional return. 

If this first testing suit fits you very well, of course you can keep it and wear it, but that's not, at all, our objective here. A testing suit should not be considered as a "final product that you paid for", it is just a free tool for verifying your measurements, in order to guarantee the perfect fit of your real order. And we don't guarantee this testing suit' fit.

If you are interested in knowing more about this concept, please read this article (3 minutes read):

Article: Understand the true nature of online tailoring





More Qs&As: 


Q: Is the testing suit a normal suit? What's the difference between it and my real order?

A: No difference. It is a totally normal suit which uses your order's fabric, lining, details, and your measurements.


Q: Can I change my real order's fabric/lining/other details after receiving my testing suit?

A: Of course, as long as your new choices have the similar prices. 


Q: Should I return the testing suit back to you after trying? 

A: No, you keep it.


Q: How can I order this free testing suit on your website? 

A: You don’t need to do anything on our website. When you place your first suit order ( you real order), we will simply start making your testing suit. 


Q: I don't know how to take measurements. Can I send you a well-fitted suit for you to copy? 

A: Yes. For more information, please check out here


Q: Should I pay the real order first, or you will just send us a testing suit without payment in advance? 

A: You will receive this testing suit only when you paid a real suit order on our website. 


Q: Do your jacket/pants/waistcoats offer a similar testing product? 

A: Yes. Same idea. 

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