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What is "Free suit remake"?  

When you receive your first suit ordered from us (use standard size or take your measurements, in your personal account once singed up), try it, tell us anything you want to modify, then you can ask us to make another one with your new measurements, for free.

No matter what happens to your first suit (100% perfect, minor modifications needed, or big changes needed, etc), you can always ask us to make a second. 

You can even pick a different fabric (with a similar price), Totally up to you.

With this “remake option”, you can leave all your worries behind, because everything you want to modify, after trying your first suit received, you can modify them on this second (remade) suit.


price range-ncgtailor
“”No and Yes“ explained:
1. For just a garment made by a clearance fabric, we don’t guarantee the perfect fit, and we don’t accept return and refund.
2. But if, you ordered the remake option $99 and you are still not satisfied, we will refund all your two payments. 365 days unconditional return.
3. Why? Because according to our experiences and statistics, with the remake option, the satisfaction rate can go up to 97%. We are not talking about “it’s ok” that kind of satisfaction, but REALLY satisfied.



About alteration refunds:


For each new customer, if you first garment received needs only very few small alterations, and you don’t want to receive the remake option, you can also ask for a certain amount of alteration refunds. Here is the chart:


custom garments alterations refund chart

Please note:

* The alterations refunds ONLY apply to regular prices garments. Any garment made by a clearance fabric has already a price top cheap, we don’t offer any alteration refund.
* If you want to receive a second (remade) garment, there will be no alterations refunds either. 
* Please send us your alteration invoice to our email sales@ncgtailor.com to request an alteration refund. For example, for a suit, if your alteration invoice shows $56, we will refund you $56; if your invoice shows $90, we will refund you $88 (not $90 because up to $88).



Please note:

1. If you pick a fabric on clearance: we don't offer this free remake option (if you still want a remade suit, please add $99). For any garment made by clearance prices fabrics, we don't accept return and refund either. 

2. This remake option is only available for new customers. 1 new customer is limited to use this option once.




More Qs&As: 


Q: If I buy a suit, and ask you to remake another one. If after the second one I am still not happy, can I have all my money back?

A: Yes (except for those on clearance). Just return us these 2 suits, and we will refund. No question will be asked. 


Q: If I buy a suit, and ask you to remake another one. Should I return the first one to you? 

A: No, you keep the first one, don't need to return it to us.


Q: How can I order this remake option on your website? 

A: You don’t need to do anything on our website. When you place your first suit order (regular price, not those on clearance), you are guaranteed with this remake option. And when you receive your first suit, tell us by email anything you want to modify, we will make another one for you with your new updated measurements.


Q: I don't know how to take measurements. Can I send you a well-fitted suit for you to copy? 

A: Yes. In fact, it is a risk-free way. For more information, please check out here



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