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Making and delivery - NCG Tailor

Making and Delivery time



We don’t have any chain of production (which will allow the manufacture of hundreds even thousands of clothes at the same time). One garment will be made by only one tailor, from start to finish. So the making and delivery time changes significantly when the quantity increases.




<= 3 Suits/Jackets: 14 working days ~ 28 working days (on average 21 working days).

>= 4 Suits/Jackets: 21 working days ~ 28 working days.

<= 3 Waistcoats/Pants: 10 Working days ~ 20 working days.

>= 4 Waistcoats/Pants: 17 Working days ~ 28 working days.




About 2 to 5 working days ( on average 3 to 4 working days).



When will we start the manufacture?

We will start making your custom clothing when we have verified your measurements together. Here are our standard procedures:

Step 1: One of our chief tailors will verify your measurements.

Step 2: If there is something we need you to verify, we will give you a “list of verifications”.

Step 3: You verify all the measurements in this list and tell us by email (confirm or change).

Step4: Only after that, we will start the making process.



Two details:

1. If everything sounds good and we think there is nothing left to verify, we will still send you an email, just to tell you that we will start making your order.

2. Please do remember that once you confirmed all your measurements by email, we will start cutting the fabrics and linings, this means you can no longer change any measurements.




Shipping Fee and Shipping methods

All our products are Free-Shipping for 4 courtiers (please check out the countries’ list below):

Australia / Canada / New Zealand / USA. 

For the moment, we only ship to these 4 countries, we don't ship to any country in Europe, Africa or Asia.



Important Qs&As:


Q: My country is not on your list? Can you deliver?

A: We are very sorry, for the moment, we only deliver to the above-mentioned countries.



Q: What do you mean exactly by Free-shipping? For any custom garment? Minumum quantity? Minimum order sum?

A: No, no minimum quantity or minimum order total price required. For any custom clothing that you buy from our online store: custom suits, custom jackets, custom pants, custom waistcoats.



Q: What kind of transport service you use?

A: We only use the following Express delivery services: TNT/DHL/FedEx/UPS.

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