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Custom made shirts - NCG TAILOR


Not like suits or pants, the shirts are not yet possible to be personalized and purchased on our website. As our factory is already running at its maximum capacity, we are not going to update our website (like adding custom shirts or wool-cashmere overcoats, etc) any time soon.

As we got more and more requests for custom-made shirts, we put this page online so that some customers can pick their fabrics here.


For shirt style details:

like the collar style, sleeve style, number of buttons, etc, please send your choice directly by email to sales@ncgtailor.com


For measurements:

You should create an account on our website (if not yet), then in your account, in the section "my measurements", you can take and save them there.

We currently don't do very big size shirt (bigger than 56US suit size)


All the fabrics below are 98% cotton + 2% viscose.
Price: 45USD per shirt (no discount, it is the final price you need to pay).

Buy 4 get 1 for free.

If you just want to buy 1, as the international shipping fee is very expensive, you need to add 10$ extra for the shipping fee. Here is the price list:

1 SHIRT: 55$ (we add 10$ extra for shipping fee)
2 SHIRTS: 45*2=90$
3 SHIRTS: 45*3=135$
4 SHIRTS: 45*4=180$
5 SHIRTS: 45*4=180$ (because the fifth is free).



Steps to order:


Step 1:
you send us an email to sales@ncgtailor.com with the following info:
fabric reference (each fabric has a reference, see photos below);
Style details (like the collar style, sleeve style, etc). If you don't really have a preference, we will simply make a regular-style shirt for you.

Step 2:
We will set up a custom order in your account on our website in less than 48 hours after receiving your email. So that you can pay from your account.


custom shirt fabric - 1


custom shirt fabric - 2


custom shirt fabric - 3


custom shirt fabric - 4


tailored shirt fabric - 5


tailored shirt fabric - 6


tailored shirt fabric - 6

custom tailored shirts - 8


custom tailored shirts - 9



custom tailored shirts - 11


custom tailored shirts - 12



tailor made shirts - 15


custom tailored shirts - 16












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