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And yes, wool cashmere overcoats start




Updated: January 13th, 2024


5 years later, we are picking up this old job, because more and more customers are asking for custom made overcoats. 

We only make very high-quality wool - cashmere overcoats. These overcoats will be something that you want to wear every day (during cold seasons of course), and your friends will be asking where you get it, all the time!

The touch, and the feel of the fabrics will be absolutely amazing!

This page is just a start. 

For the moment, for those who are interested, please read the following information and then contact us at sales@ncgtailor.com 



(1) Fabric:

For the moment, just black (80% wool + 20% cashmere). 


(2) Style: 

You can see the below images as an example. You can send us your own style (double breasted, single breasted, long, short, different types of collars, etc). We won't charge extra for any of these personalizations. 


(3) Price: 

$359 per piece. No discount. 


(4) Making quality: 

Like our suits, you can totally expect double quality (you will only see this kind of making quality on overcoats more than $700 in your local market)., 


(5) Fabric quality: 

 People will keep asking you where you get it when they touch it. And they won't believe it is an overcoat less than $800.  





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