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About testing suit $139



Sales conditions:

(1) If you are a new customer (=you never purchased anything from us since 2017), you can use this option.

(2) One-time offer. A new customer can only use this option once, for 1 suit.

(3) If you are a new customer and you want to buy more than 1 suit, you can firstly purchase this option, then buy other suit(s) at regular prices.




How to?

Step 1: Go to our custom suit page.

Step 2: Pick the option "testing suit $139", click the "next" button, then follow the steps until you pay your order.

Step 3: Go back to our custom suit page, pick any fabric <=$199, then send us your choice (fabric reference or a screenshot of the fabric) by email to sales@ncgtailor.com.



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