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About NCG Tailor


NCG stands for “New customer guarantee”.

Why? Doesn’t other websites also have this kind of “customer guarantee thing” which provides alterations, remake, and refund? What makes your idea different?

And also, why you have to emphasize on “testing”, we have checked our measurements three times, why can’t you just make a perfect suit for us? Does that mean you are incompetent?

NCG Tailor is a small company located in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. For the past ten years, we have been making and selling custom garments to the Chinese market and the European Market. We don’t have a chain of fabrication which will allow massive production for ready-to-wears. In our factory, each garment will be made by only one tailor, from start to finish.

Ten years of experiences told us, that 90% of customers don’t understand the difference between “body measurements” and “garment measurements”. Perfect body measurements that you have taken (let’s assume that they are perfect…which is very often not the case) will not necessarily mean perfect garment’s measurements. During the “pattern creation” process while a tailor using your body measurements, things can easily go wrong, and that’s why, in you local tailor shop, you will be asked to try, one or two, or even several times before the final delivery of your custom suit.

Online, things can become even more complicated than in a local shop. Because in most cases, you only get one shot: one delivery, one package. And if things go terribly wrong?

Most websites will offer certain alterations refund; some will offer remake, and very few will offer return and whole refund. But in most cases, you have to prove this or prove that, you need to communicate, even argue with their after-sale department, in order to get your suit or jacket fixed, not to mention sometimes, your suits or jackets are already far beyond “alterable”.

NCG Tailor is different. With us, your perfect fit is guaranteed by testing. 

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