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This promotion ends: December 16th, 2022 (extended) 



* To regular sizes buyers: Please create an account (by clicking the small person icon on the top right of any page) , in your account, in "my measurements", pick a size (if you need S or L, not R, you can tell us by email sales@ncgtailor.com ). 32US to 58US available.

* To made-to-measure buyers: take and save your measurements in your account, in "my measurements". You can save your measurements first, then place an order; or you can place an order, and later take your measurements (Whenever you have time, we will simply start the making when we receive them).

* Please don't compare our making to fused suits. If you prefer much lower prices, there are a lot of fused / off-the-rack suit sellers online; you can buy from them.


 * For old customers who are looking for even higher qualities:

 here is the new section. Returning customers only. New customers can't order.  


Discount codes:


(For any order less than $339, you can use use 40% off code "40FFFF" to place your order).


* If your cart total >=339$:

use 190$ off code: 190190


* If your cart total >=399$,

Use 230$ off code: 230230


* If your cart total >=499$, 

Use 280$ off code: 280280


* If your cart total >=599$,

Use 400$ off code: 400400


* if your cart total >=799$, 

Use 560$ off code: 560560


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